Oe Masaji

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Oe Masaji (1852 - 1927)

Oe Masaji was born in the Tosa province (present day Kochi prefecture) of Shikoku island in 1852.

As was customary for the boys of samurai families at this time his study of bujutsu would have begun at an early age. Under the instruction of a local master a young man would attain a high level of martial competency by their mid to late teens.

Master Oe's study of iaijutsu began with the Shimomura ha (branch) of Eishin Ryu. He went on to become the 15th headmaster of this ha. Later he left this branch of the school and joined the Tanimura ha, eventually becoming the 17th master.

Master Oe recodified and reorganized the forms of the school into the three levels we have today:
Shoden (Seiza no bu)
Chuden (Tatehiza no bu)
Okuden (Iwaza no bu & Oku tachi waza)

Additional sets of techniques added by Master Oe:
Bangai no bu (3 waza)
Tachi uchi no kata (7 kumitachi)